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Counter-Balance Seat Strap

Support with no weight on the neck, arms or wrists!

The innovative Counter-Balance Seat Strap does just that. It was patented by me in 2001 and is in use by bassoonists all over the world.

With other seat-straps the right thigh acts as a pivot-point with the bassoon resting against it. But, as the majority of the instruments weight is above this point, weight is placed on the left hand, arm and wrist. The Counter-Balance Seat-Strap has an innovative elasticated section which counteracts this weight.

The strap has long elastic which should now be passed directly under the seat and the velcro tabs fastened around the front left chair leg. This creates a balancing tension which is directly in line with the falling angle of the bassoon. Tension is altered by moving the buckle along the elastic, shortening or lengthening it and thus creating more or less weight on the left arm. The strap is also weighted at the other end to prevent it slipping from the chair.

The Counter-Balance Seat Strap is made from extremely durable components, ensuring absolute security whilst playing.

Correct posture can be easily maintained, thus aiding younger players particularly.

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