COVID-19 Update to Customers

All customers should be re-assured that I am making all efforts to ensure that there are no risks associated with my reeds.
It goes without saying that I always wash my hands before dealing with orders; I mean who wouldn’t? But in addition there is plenty of hand-sanitiser being utilised too!
I have reduced the testing of reeds to the minimum but am absolutely confident that my judgement by eye and feel will provide you with the same standard of reeds that you are used to.
Lastly I am working deliberately a week behind, so finished orders are left for 3 days and then have another 72-96 hours after completion before posting.
This way I can guarantee that when I worked on them I was fit and healthy and if I detect any symptoms in the interim period then those orders will not be sent.
I hope this will alleviate any concerns. In the meantime keep playing; as we’ve seen in Italy music really helps us all!

Steve Marsden

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