As principal bassoonist with the Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera, a busy freelance player (orchestral and soloist) and also Professor of Bassoon at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, I am keenly aware of just how important it is, for both the professional and the student, to have the perfect bassoon reed.

I have always made my own bassoon reeds and realised some years ago that they could benefit players of all standards and so I have been selling them since 1995 to players all over the world.

From May 2016 I will be producing my new and improved bassoon reed - a perfect balance between cane, gouge, profile and tip thickness to give a reed with a beautifully balanced, warm, round sound and easy reliable response over the entire register. 
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Also, I invented and patented the counter balance seat strap which affords absolute stability of the bassoon when playing and helps to maintain correct posture. It is particularly effective for young players. 

Find out more about these products and how to order here on this website, or for more information e-mail or telephone 07980 001157.